The MacroRisk Connect Programme

The MacroRisk Connect Programme is the foundation of an “ecosystem”, drawing on the principles and process of CoCreative Learning, to assess and evaluate macro risks in the evolving political economy. CoCreative Learning, once experienced, becomes a habit for lifelong learning.

This MacroRisk ecosystem will grow from a series of autonomous but interdependent MacroRisk learning groups working to assimilate, analyse, synthesise and share information on macro risks from diverse independent sources while building “circles of trust” based on human relationships without reference to national, academic or commercial boundaries.

The MacroRisk Connect Programme invites selected participants to join a multi-disciplinary, MacroRisk learning group to co-create a shared understanding of global or macro risks. From that understanding we can derive the MacroRisk Framework and take measures to protect ourselves, our clients, companies and communities from these threats.  Further, we can develop ideas to mitigate and possibly even prevent them.

Help to establish and develop your MacroRisk learning group

We select diverse participants for each learning group and help their early development with three MacroRisk Connect workshops conducted over consecutive Saturdays (10am – 5pm). Thereafter, your group will run its own weekly meetings and implement the essential steps to develop a MacroRisk Framework.

Diverse perspectives are essential to create a shared understanding of macro risks

Participation in the MacroRisk Connect Programme is by invitation in order to create multi-disciplinary MacroRisk learning groups drawn from a diverse range of financial services professionals and beyond, to include, if possible, clients, entrepreneurs and service providers.

We will be running two rounds of induction workshops each calendar year, for up to 9 people in each group, ie. up to 18 participants a year. The workshops are scheduled to run on three consecutive Saturdays in Spring and Autumn.

SOLE Central

We are working in partnership with SOLE Central at Newcastle University to deliver the MacroRisk Connect Programme. David Leat will participate in the last workshop of each series to explain the genesis of SOLEs (Self Organised Learning Environments), particularly how the structures and processes are being appropriated in various contexts and the importance of dialogue often generated by good mediation.

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