The MacroRisk Connect Programme

The MacroRisk Connect Programme is the foundation of an “ecosystem”, drawing on the principles and process of CoCreative Learning, to assess and evaluate macro risks in the evolving political economy. CoCreative Learning, once experienced, becomes a habit for lifelong learning. This MacroRisk ecosystem will grow from a series of autonomous but[…]

What is MacroRisk?

We face global or macro risks in common Unlike VAR (Value At Risk), global or macro risks affect us all. They are seemingly disconnected and virtually impossible to compute or model. Or are they? The World Economic Forum listed 10 macro risks in 2016 but arguably they fall under these[…]

Why MacroRisk Connect?

If macro risks are interrelated and interdependent, how do we “join the dots”? How do these risks fit into the landscape or system of political economy? Understanding the political economy as a system reveals the often obscured connections and relationships between issues, events, institutions and people. There are many reasons[…]

MacroRisk Framework

What we need to assess macro risks is a framework or model of the political economy. This framework will help us identify which threats to prioritise so we may be able to avoid their worst effects. This co-created shared understanding may actually enable us to mitigate or even prevent them from[…]

Facing the Next Crisis

Financial and economic crises are a feature of the current political economy – another crisis is inevitable and we must face up to that reality and plan accordingly. “Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up” – Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress The 2008 subprime crisis was[…]

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve attempted to provide sufficient information for you to understand MacroRisk Connect and the Programme. Inevitably, many will have additional questions, some of which we’ve sought to answer here. The list of FAQs will undoubtedly grow over time.