MacroRisk Connect was established in 2017 as the foundation of an “ecosystem”, drawing on the process and principles of CoCreative Learning, to assess and evaluate macro risks in the evolving political economy. Our cumulative research and analysis revealed a growing risk of economic collapse. What many fail to recognise is how the current global money system drives everything. Some of the evidence to substantiate this is contained in our 2017 paper on global monetary reform published in the Islamic Economics Journal of King Abdulaziz University.

Now that economic dislocation has begun, our focus has shifted to the co-creative development of alternative “money” systems.

Co-Creative Development

The co-creative methodology that underpins our analysis is now being applied to developing distributed economic structures within which everyone can participate. These structures build on Human Value Systems that help to Create and then Capture, Store and Transfer the value arising from interaction between humans. Political economy underpinned by such systems is driven by Use Value, thereby eradicating the perverse consequences of current money: economic crises, hunger, disease, inequality, conflict, waste and environmental destruction.

Endogenous Tokens – Human Value Systems

In December 2020, we submitted the Taxonomy of Money to the Digital Currency Global Initiative (DCGI), a joint project led by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Stanford University.

Taxonomy reveals the fundamental nature of money and the crucial difference between exogenous and endogenous money. These terms are fully explained in the Analysis and Tokens sections of this website but, briefly, access to exogenous money (issued by a third party) is conditional whereas endogenous tokens (integral to human activity that needs to be counted) can be freely available for all.


MacroRisk Connect continues to foster co-creative research and analysis to broaden the understanding of political economy but, in addition, is working in collaboration with others to develop distributed, endogenous token systems to underpin the new political economy.

This the underlying premise of the new political economy: the value of co-creative development is shared equitably among those with Needs and those with the Capacity to Create.