MacroRisk Connect and its activities are encouraged by Clive Menzies, Alex Nikolov, Eddie Farrell and others. MacroRisk Connect comprises many independent “players”.

In 2017, MacroRisk Connect evolved from co-creative research and analysis in collaboration with many individuals and groups. This work began in January 2012 with Critical Thinking at the Free University.

CoCreative Learning

The CoCreative Learning methodology that stimulates learning and accelerates our understanding of political economy is available for anyone to use, adapt or apply as they choose, as are all materials on this website.

Clive Menzies

Clive’s experience encompasses a wide range of management positions within the financial services and technology sectors, augmented by his understanding of political economy derived from co-creative research and analysis since 2012.

Alex Nikolov

Alex has 30 years proven enterprise experience in telecommunications and related technologies.

Alex’s perspectives on structures, art, language, money and changes driven by evolving data, communication, distributed ledger and other technologies help to expand our understanding and accelerate co-creative development.

Eddie Farrell

Eddie employs collaborative structures throughout his work. He is a painter, exploring the role of visual thinking in our everyday lives.

Eddie’s perspectives expand the horizons of our work on political economy. He invariably asks challenging questions and raises issues which few have previously considered.