In Tokens we explain that Human (economic) Activity necessarily entails one or more individuals having the Capacity to Create in order to satisfy each others’ Needs and the Needs of those unable (children, the elderly or infirm) to Create (in the economic sense) but whose Need is essential to the Use Value of Human Activity.

For example, those engaging or collaborating with MacroRisk Connect have both Needs and the Capacity to Create. This includes techies, entrepreneurs, bankers, regulators, accountants, lawyers, politicians, artists, musicians, content creators and anyone involved in satisfying human Needs, i.e. no-one is excluded from participation in, nor being rewarded for, the Use Value they Create, with endogenous tokens.

Endogenous tokens are the golden bridge to a new reality, not just for those with the Capacity to Create but essentially for those with Needs.

We offer the following Capacities:

Co-Creative Research and Analysis

We look to help foster co-creative learning and development and offer our experience and analysis to others. We learn and share what we learn via the emerging and expanding co-creative learning networks.


We are looking to collaborate with others to co-create distributed endogenous token projects for the benefit of all.

While what has been described in Tokens doesn’t yet exist, the elements to co-create it are readily available.

We are currently working on ideas on how we transition from the current exchange value money system to endogeneous tokenisation which only rewards use value, not exchange.

We are looking to collaborate with techies, entrepreneurs, bankers, accountants, regulators, artists, musicians, content creators and anyone who wants to consider tokenising their Human (economic) Activity.

Much of the work that has created the building blocks for endogenous tokenisation has been driven by entrepreneurial investment for profits, i.e. large rewards. The speculation around digital currencies has been vital to accelerate their evolution thus far. This speculative interest and profit incentives can be leveraged into new forms of Human Value Systems that fulfil the necessary conditions for endogenous tokenisation to become ubiquitous.

Thus to stimulate implementation of endogenous tokenisation projects, we need to co-create hybrid solutions that offer attractive rewards in the current money system, until such time as they become irrelevant or valueless.

There are many financial incentives and opportunities to attract those who will only participate in projects, if they can identify sufficient rewards in current money to make it worthwhile.

Hence our enthusiasm to collaborate with anyone who wishes to work on endogenous tokenisation, irrespective of whether they seek rewards in “old” money or new.


Our confidence in the future of endogenous tokens means that we look to share in the rewards to be derived from the creation of Use Value for all.

The Value that we and other participants Create to satisfy Needs will be recorded in distributed ledgers within the networks that evolve from the work of MacroRisk Connect.

Our ability to Create and satisfy our Needs will be recorded in the ledgers as Value Tokens.

Foundational principle of the new political economy

In Critical Thinking, we had a motto:

“Credit” in the sense that no-one can claim ownership of an idea because ideas invariably evolve from prior knowledge (one of the commons) derived from many sources, which are similarly derivative.

Ideas, like the value they create, aren’t to be hoarded but shared for the benefit of all.

Principle of the New Political Economy

The value of co-creative development (Human Activity) is shared equitably among those with Needs and those with the Capacity to Create.