Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve attempted to provide sufficient information for you to understand MacroRisk Connect and the Programme. Inevitably, many will have additional questions, some of which we’ve sought to answer here. The list of FAQs will undoubtedly grow over time.

What does participation in the MacroRisk Connect Programme entail?

The Programme starts with three workshops held over consecutive Saturdays (in April and October) from 10am to 5pm at the London School of Mosaic, London NW5 4SF, UK.

Thereafter the Programme continues with 37 weekly meetings (duration 2 hours) in the first year. Your group will self-organise and arrange its own schedule of weekly meetings at a time and location agreed between you.

Between meetings you will be reading, absorbing information, analysing and resharing information with your MacroRisk group and wider community. This will replace much of your current general reading/viewing/listening around finance and current affairs. Co-creative learning isn’t an additional activity (other than the weekly meetings) but a different way of researching and analysing political economy and risk. How much time you devote to this is up to you but up to a couple of hours a day is a reasonable assumption.

We will continue to participate with you as part of your wider MacroRisk community and are here to act as a sounding board, should you encounter issues you can’t resolve within your group.

Over time there will be multiple MacroRisk groups comprising an ecosystem of MacroRisk information and analysis.

The commitment to the Programme is open ended in that there is no time horizon or end to your participation unless you decide to withdraw. Meanwhile, your group may expand or evolve as people, beyond the initial participants, join your MacroRisk group. Consequently, the group can continue indefinitely with or without the initial participants.

It is our expectation that many will find co-creative learning sufficiently compelling for it to become a lifelong habit because of its power to accelerate learning and expand understanding.

Will participation in the Programme prejudice commercial confidentiality?

No. The MacroRisk Connect Programme relies on information in the public sphere and participation requires no direct references to your own or your employer’s records or practices.

CoCreative Learning is based on principles of openness and collaboration but that doesn’t extend to breaches of confidentiality.

Is the Programme value for money?

Undoubtedly. Compared to the cost of a degree course, MBA or similar, it is a fraction thereof. In the first year (£9000 is equivalent to one year’s degree fees) of the MacroRisk Connect Programme, your pace of learning and the expansion of your understanding will eclipse what would be typical in a competitive learning environment but requiring much less conscious effort. Thereafter, your continuation in the Programme will give you invaluable insights into the political economy, to make better informed decisions both professionally and personally. There isn’t a price that can be applied to the value of CoCreative Learning.

How do I justify the cost of the Programme to my employer?

Your organisation will be plugged into an evolving understanding of MacroRisk and have one of the co-creators of that understanding on their team. The cost of the programme is a fraction of its value to your organisation.

What can I expect after the first year?

We expect your group to have co-created an understanding of political economy and will have produced your first iteration of the MacroRisk Framework. In the light of your experience, you will want to continue to work in your MacroRisk group and will have evolved your own practices between you. You may have also picked up some new participants over the year. Maybe, one or two will have dropped out for whatever reason. In essence, the Programme is a process of lifelong learning which provides immeasurable benefits beyond understanding macro risks. And there’s nothing more to pay beyond the initial participation fee.

Can I invite a friend or acquaintance to be included in my MacroRisk group?

The Programme involves forming a group of new relationships with no preconceptions or “baggage”; we leave our egos and status at the door to develop a “circle of trust” specifically around our learning. Our expanded understanding will certainly help in all our relationships and transactions but we must avoid impediments – such as asymmetric power relationships from outside of our group – to honest, open discussion. Once the group has started and become established, inviting individuals to your weekly meetings will broaden your horizons by adding different perspectives.

When are the workshops?

The founding MacroRisk group workshops will be held in 2020. Thereafter, subsequent rounds of the workshops will be held approximately every six months.

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