Focus on Recovery

Focus on Recovery

The MacroRisk Connect website is relaunched to reflect our focus on economic recovery by helping to lay the foundations for the new political economy that serves everyone while eliminating structural risk.

The website Introduction describes how Macrorisk Connect is responding to the onset of financial and economic collapse. Attempts to alert people to this inevitability failed to produce the necessary structural response to the 2008 global financial crisis, the final wake-up call before what is now unfolding.

The opportunity to mitigate the worst effects of the economic dislocation to come, while reversing the rising tide of inevitable depression, is readily available, if we are prepared to think differently… specifically by providing unconditional access to economic activity, i.e. to Create and satisfy everyone’s Needs. See Tokens.

This the underlying premise of the new political economy: the value of co-creative development is shared equitably among those with Needs and those with the Capacity to Create.

We continue to apply the CoCreative Learning methodology to expanding our understanding of political economy. Using the same approach, we are now collaborating with others to foster a distributed network of endogenous token projects.

We invite anyone with Capacity to help Create the new political economy, who wishes to share in the Rewards for both those who Create and those with Needs, to get in touch.