The MacroRisk Framework

What we need to assess macro risks is a framework or model of the political economy. This framework will help us identify which threats to prioritise so we may be able to avoid their worst effects. This co-created shared understanding may actually enable us to mitigate or even prevent them from becoming a reality.

Co-create an evolving MacroRisk Framework

The MacroRisk Framework starts with information which comes from a variety of sources which form an ecology of news, information, ideas and analysis. We need a diverse range of trusted groups and individuals to source, analyse and compare information and ideas to filter relevant material in the form of recommended articles, books, blogs, academic papers, podcasts, videos and original documents. These materials are then re-shared during discussions in weekly meetings, via digital media and in conversation with other groups and individuals with whom group participants interact – an ecology of alternative thinking, news and analysis. The aim is to build overlapping circles of trust to analyse, filter and re-share what is most relevant with the wider MacroRisk Connect community and beyond.

This constant, iterative activity of review and discussion of primary and secondary research undertaken by others, builds into a comprehensive MacroRisk Framework.

Informed by our co-created understanding of macro risks, expressed in the MacroRisk Framework, we are better prepared to face the next crisis; we can take steps to mitigate its effects or even avert the crisis through foreknowledge. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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