Participation fees essentially underwrite the time cost of running and maintaining the MacroRisk Connect Programme which doesn’t accept sponsorship or paid endorsements. It is a self-funding programme to co-create a shared understanding of macro risks across the wide diversity of groups resulting from the programme.

The fee covers the cost of the three workshops, selection of participants for the creation of your MacroRisk group and ongoing advice and guidance.

Those who register interest early will be prioritised for participation in the inaugural round of the Programme starting in 2020 which is discounted to £3,000 per person. This is a pioneering initiative and we want to attract as broad a spectrum of potential participants as possible for our foundational group.

All subsequent rounds will be at £9,000 per person.

You’re are, of course, welcome to create your own macro risk learning group by following the HOWTO on the free, open source CoCreative Learning Project website.

In joining the Programme, you are getting a “head start” with a ready-made MacroRisk group and will “hit the ground running” with the first workshop. The three workshops will help you quickly establish working practices to accelerate your learning and expand your understanding of MacroRisk in the context of the current political economy. You will also be part of a growing, distributed network of macro-risk expertise, the MacroRisk Connect global community.

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